Visual Merchandising

Window displays, street advertising and photo shoots with professional photographers whose locations, sets, makeup, hair and wardrobe were all of my design.

One thought on “Visual Merchandising

  1. Dear Ms. McLaughlin:
    I began modeling for the KCAI and, later, for local artists, such as Lacey Lewis and Bob Holloway, until ten years ago when I moved away. I have recently returned to KC, and am eager to resume modeling for the local art community.
    I am comfortable posing for classes, small groups, and one-on-one, and I have posed on elevated platforms, on the floor, in the round, straight-on and, of course, I can provide gesture poses, long poses, and anything in between. I noticed, from your portfolio, that some of your art is figurative. Should you find yourself in need of an experienced model, feel free to e-mail me, or call/text me at 913-904-6028.

    Thank you, and take care,

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